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The Triumph tennis racket is an oversized recreational racket perfect for a beginner player. The extra large head and length provide more power to your game.
$ 35.40
The Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racquet uses V-Matrix Technology with V-Lock Bridge has a new concave frame geometry broadens the racket sweet spot for increased power on off-centered hits. It consists of stop shock sleeves, power String for increased power and enlarged head for greater power.
$ 35.40
Inspired by Roger Federer's racket of choice, the Federer Team 105 is incredibly quiet with added stability. This is a great transition racket for players of all levels.Grip Option: 1 - 3
$ 50.80
The Blade is designed for today's big-hitting, aggressive game and is the top played franchise on Tour. Delivering control for attacking player, this year's Blade is upgraded with Countervail technology to maximize a player's energy while an all-new minimalist design features clean lines, matte finishes and laser engraving.Grip Option: 1 - 4 
$ 223.10
The Ultra 97 combines the precision of a mid-plus headsize with easy power from High Performance Carbon Fiber. A smooth and forgiving feel makes this the go-to racket for versitile players who dominate on both the singles and doubles court.Engineered to fit the widest variety of playing styles, the Ultra delivers effortless power, smooth...
$ 246.15
The Pro Staff continues to deliver the same pure, classic feel that players love but with an all-new look co-designed by Roger Federer. The new aesthetic features clean lines and uncontaminated design, creating a racket that wants to be held and a psychological edge for the player bold enough to pick one up.Grip Option: 1 - 4 
$ 361.54
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