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High quality rubber construction provides hours of play. Premium rubber compound provides excellent durability. PRODUCT SPECS

Official - 29.5"

Cover Material
Optimal rubber cover

Super wide channels

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$ 21.50
Available in all three sizes, this synthetic leather basketball is durable at an economical price. Recessed rubber channels for enhanced grip
Tags: Wilson,Basketball
$ 32.50
Wave Triple Threat Technology sets a new standard for performance in a basketball. Born from countless play-test with top players across the world the demand for more control on the court is answered. The additional 24 T3 Grooves in to the normal flat panels of a basketball allow a player to better control all aspects of their game. Approved by...
$ 35.00
This ball features the same patented technologies that you find on the NCAA Official Game Ball. A moisture absorbing cover is specially designed for indoor/outdoor play combined with Laid In Channels and our Cushion Core, make this ball a favorite of competitive players everywhere. Available in size 6 and 7.
Tags: Wilson,Basketball
$ 38.50
Playing knockout at an open gym or knocking down free-throws after a hard workout, the Jet Competition is designed to suit any young hooper dreams. Durable and affordable this is the prime choice for beginners and seasoned vets alike. All you require is a love for the game.PRODUCT FEATURES:- High-performance composite leather cover for superior...
$ 43.00
Description: - Wilson NCAA Limited Size 7 Basketball - 29.5" Official Size - NCAA Performance - High-performance composite cover for unrivaled grip and control - Pressure lock bladder helps lock in air to maintain optimal ball pressure - Laid in channels - 100% composite cover- Cushion core carcass for maximum softness and grip
$ 52.50
There is a reason that the Evolution is the #1 Selling High School basketball in the country. Wilson combines Laid in Channels patented technology and our exclusive Cushion Core Technology along with its exclusive premium Microfiber Composite Cover delivering maximum grip and player control. Available in size 6 and 7.
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$ 80.00
The NCAA Game Ball sets the standards for performance and innovation on the court. Patented features include the only moisture absorbing cover on the market and laid in channels creating a 100% composite cover. No other basketball provides more gripability and playability helping players raise the level of their game. The Official Ball of the...
$ 98.50
Raise your game by a factor of X. The Wilson X Basketball gives you the game-changing edge by tracking your shots and tallying your stats. Make/Miss Technology inside the ball detects when a shot goes in or out of the basket, while the Wilson X app tracks and displays those stats in real-time on your phone. Wilson X sensors track shooting...
$ 307.75
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